Easy homemade peanut butter oil free

I love peanuts, it’s a must for me with tea, I bought some recently to make cookies, and I’ve had a bit of it, so I made with homemade peanut butter, it’s so good. It changes from sweetned jam, plus it is a source of considerable energy and a base for different cakes.

And the recipe is very simple, we need only two ingredients: peanuts and honey. honey is the secret for a tasty butter because it softens the strong taste of peanuts, and if you ask yourself, no need to add oil, peanuts once ground release their own oil, so it’s really not necessary to add any.

Peanuts are reduced to powder, using a mixer bowl, then we continue until obtain a smooth liquid paste, and we finally add the honey and mix to integrate well.

However, when you mix your peanuts, give short and breif shots, and make breaks to  not burn your blender because it will overheat, so be careful.

easy homemade peanut butter oil free to make at home

easy homemade peanut butter oil free to make at home

Ingredients :

  • 1 glass of roasted peanuts
  • 1 cc honey Preparation :The preparation steps are quoted at the top of the article.Have a good meal

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