chorba bidha

Chorba bidha

Chorba Bidha (white chorba), is the second chorba star after the red one.

It is lighter and easier to achieve, and has few ingredients, ideal in times of financial crisis, lol.

chorba bidha

chorba bidha

Ingredients (4 persons):

  • 1 onion
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 handful chickpea
  • 1 handful of peas
  • 1 handful of rice or vermicelli
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 cinnamon Battonet
  • Parsley
  • Lemon
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Oil
  • 1 tbsp smen


  • Chop the onion finely
  • Fry the onion with the chicken until the meat color
  • Add the chickpeas, peas, half of chopped parsley
  • Add salt, pepper, and cinnamon
  • Cover with water about 1 liter 1/2
  • And cook over low heat
  • Once cooked vegetables, add the rice and cook again
  • In the end of cooking mix with a fork the egg yolk and the juice of half a lemon in a bowl, add a ladle of soup and quickly beat with a fork, then pour into the pot and turn off the fire .
  • Serve immediately with lemon juice and chopped parsley.

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