Pizza 3 cheese

Hi my friends, I love pizza, it’s so good, and today I wanted to change some of the traditional tomato pizza, I made three cheese pizza, and I did not really not disappointed. It’s lighter and tasty.

Instead of the tomato sauce I used yogurt to which I added a little milk to have a creamy consistency, then I added the cheeses that were in my fridge, there is no rules, you can use the cheese you want.

Pizza 3 fromage

Pizza 3 fromage

Ingredients :

  • Pizza paste
  • Yogourt
  • Gruyère
  • Blue
  • Pie
  • 2cs Milk
  • Pepper


  • Spread out pizza pie
  • Mix the yogourt with milk
  • Spread on the dough
  • Add some pepper, some pieces of camembert, then some grated gruyere
  • Bake about 20 to 25min to 180
  • To eat hot
  • Bsahtkom

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