Sorbet aux poires a la rose

Roses and pears sorbet

Voilà l’été, voilà l’été, voilà l’étéeeeeh, for those who ask themselves it is a song lool. It is summer, the festival of fruit, colors, flavors, it is the season of pears.

And today I wanted something cold with this heat, when I saw the pears hanging out in the fridge, they were hard then an idea crossed my mind, and why not make it an ice cream .

With honey, I added a few dried rose petals, which released a very subtle taste, a sorbet worthy of a chef (no pretension :-))

Sorbet aux poires a la rose

Sorbet aux poires à la rose


  • 4 medium pears
  • 1cc honey
  • 1cc dried roses petals


  • Peel, and clean pears
  • Cut into pieces
  • Freeze
  • Once frozen, Mix with honey and roses
  • Freeze again 1h at least
  • Enjoy
  • Bon appétit

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